Frontier State of Mind
My family continues to tolerate my impromptu use of them for modeling.
I had a lot of fun with a new white background today.   Two SB-600's are lighting the backdrop with an SB-700 in a softbox out in front. New Fedora
AZ Renaissance Festival
I had a fun time shooting this shot for my niece. This was done with a single soft box, angled high overtop, with an SB700. I used a reflector at waist level for a little bounce and a black backdrop to kill the light. Cross Country
Gazing Skyward
The Gambler
Maroon and Gold
Had Enough
A Cowboy's Return
My neighbors requested that I do their annual Christmas card and it was a blast as usual.   Lighting setup: 2 SB700 on the sides and 1 SB600 with a small soft box  shooting through the sunroof. Dashing Through The Streets
Baby Blues
Our beagle is always hungry and will put on any show necessary to attract even the smallest morsel.  The Art of Begging
Rock Star
I am always amazed at the great people you get to meet shooting pictures.   This is a "tree flip" by a very talented parkour athlete.   It was amazing what these guys could do. Take Flight
AZ Renaissance Festival